Major Drug Bust, 22 KG of Cocaine Seized from Indonesian Cargo Ship

In a momentous operation, law enforcement agencies in Odisha, India, have seized a considerable amount of narcotics from an Indonesian cargo ship docked at Paradip Port. The haul, comprising 22 kilograms of cocaine, is valued at a staggering 220 crore rupees (approximately $29 million).

Cocaine Discovery on MV Debi

The discovery was made after a vigilant crane operator noticed suspicious packets aboard the vessel, MV Debi, which was anchored at the Paradip International Cargo Terminal. On initial inspection, the concealed substances, packed meticulously in small, rectangular packets, were mistaken for explosives. However, a preliminary narcotics test confirmed the presence of cocaine, transforming this into a significant drug bust.

Multi-Agency Investigation

The interdiction involved multiple law enforcement bodies, including the Odisha Police, the Central Industrial Security Force, and Customs officials. The operation was further assisted by a dog squad which played an instrumental role in sniffing out the illegal substances. Post-discovery, samples of the seized substance have been sent for more extensive testing to ascertain the exact nature and chemical composition of the drugs.

Potential Arrests and Implications

The crew of MV Debi is currently under investigation, and the commissioner of customs in Bhubaneswar anticipates further questioning and potential arrests. The cocaine has an estimated value of 10 crore rupees per kilogram on the international market, making this seizure of paramount importance in India’s fight against drug trafficking. The ship, which began its voyage from Egypt and arrived via the Gresik port in Indonesia, was purportedly bound for Europe from Indonesia, raising several questions about the international drug trafficking network.

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