Darknet Chat Room

Darknet Chat Room

Welcome to the Darknet Chat Room of DarkDotNet. Communicate and connect with other darknet users all over the globe. Help each other out or discuss topics related to darknet markets or darknet vendor shops.

DarkDotNet logo: your favorite darknet news magazine on the darkweb.

Please read the rules before you participate in the chat:

  • Child pornography is strictly forbidden. Any sign of this will result in a ban.
  • Spam will result in an immediate ban.
  • Be nice to one another!
  • Avoid sharing contact details: stay anonymous.
  • Do not impersonate darknet markets or darknet vendor shops. If you want to reach this party, please get in contact via the darknet onions.
  • Administrators of the chat have “Administrator” in under their username.
  • Know that the chat room is not encrypted, so do not say things you do not want get leaked.
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DarkDotNet is your favorite darknet magazine on the darkweb.

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