Southend paedophile tried to hide history using dark web

A PAEDOPHILE has been jailed after repeatedly attempting to hide his internet history from police and using the “dark web”. 

Jailed – Ryan Massey was jailed for 20 months

Ryan Massey, 31, of Roots Hall Avenue, Southend, was initially handed a sexual harm prevention order on September 14, 2021, after being sentenced to four years and six months in prison.

At the time he was convicted of attempting, causing or inciting a female under 13 to engage in sexual acts.

He was released on August 25 last year and between September 25 and October 10 downloaded and deleted several “virtual private networks” and dark web browsers, breaching his order.

Massey pleaded guilty at Southend Magistrates Court on October 12 and was jailed for one year and eight months yesterday.

Kellina Gannon, prosecuting, said: “Mr Massey’s sexual harm prevention order had several prohibitions.

“When using any device capable of accessing the internet he is prohibited from deleting anything and has to make sure the device retains a history of his internet use.

“He is further prohibited of using VPNs, false IP addresses and any anonymisation software.”

Officers attended Massey’s home on October 11 for a risk assessment and he was told to make his devices available.

Massey presented officers with his iPhone and it was established he had download several hidden web browsers.

Joe O’Leary, mitigating, said: “In police interviews Mr Massey admitted to downloading VPN apps and accepted he should not have done.

“His reasoning was he was looking for a free version of a VPN app hence the downloading and deletion of several. Mr Massey won’t mind me saying he is not the most sophisticated man and suffers from dyslexia.”

Recorder Tim Clark KC said: “In my view the fact that you committed these breaches within two months of your release from prison and whilst you were on licence is an aggravating factor.”

Massey was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment concurrently for three counts of breaching a SHPO.

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