Woman suspected of assaulting officer after drug lab raid

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The police found a working drug lab in Oud-Gastel, the Netherlands on Tuesday evening. One of the two people arrested at the location assaulted an officer.

The drug lab was found around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday in a shed near a house on Meirstraat in Oud-Gastel. This happened after extensive research had been done. The lab was supposedly used for the production of methamphetamine and MDMA.

Two people were present in the house. The resident, a 51-year-old man, was immediately arrested. The resident, a 26-year-old woman, got into a fight with the arrest team. She was injured herself and had to be taken to hospital for treatment. The injured officer did not require treatment.

The woman was later arrested for aggravated assault.

As a result of this investigation, agents raided even more addresses. For example at a business premises on the Van Konijnenburgweg in Bergen op Zoom. Various goods were seized for investigation. One person has also been arrested. When the car of this 38-year-old suspect from Steenbergen was searched, more than 6 kilos of MDMA were found. This has been confiscated for further investigation. The suspect’s home was also searched, but nothing was found there.

A warehouse was also searched in Etten-Leur. Various equipment to produce drugs was found in Florijnstraat, the police said in a message. These have been seized for further investigation.

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