Seven arrests in Amsterdam for drug and weapon possession

Seven arrests in Amsterdam for drug and weapon possession

Last Tuesday, the police arrested seven suspects in Amsterdam on suspicion of drug and weapon possession. During the arrests and later searches of a house, the police found two kilos of cocaine, weed and a firearm. Three of the seven suspects were brought before the examining magistrate on Friday and are currently in custody. The other four were released on the day of the arrest.

On 10 May, officers saw two vehicles driving on the A4 that sought contact with each other. These were followed to an address in Amsterdam. When the officers saw that the occupants were transferring potentially punishable goods to each other, it was decided to check the vehicles and occupants involved.

During the search of one of the vehicles, a total of two kilograms of cocaine was found on the passenger seat and in a hidden room. A hidden space was also found in the other vehicle. The goods and vehicles have been seized.

That same evening, a search took place in the Amsterdam home of one of the suspects. Among other things, weed, a firearm and a considerable amount of hard drugs were found and seized.

The suspects come from Leidschendam, The Hague and Amsterdam and are between 25 and 38 years old.

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