Police rescue 7 puppies from Veldhoven puppy mill

Police rescue 7 puppies from Veldhoven puppy mill

Seven puppies rescued from a puppy mill in Veldhoven, March 2022

The police seized seven puppies from a puppy mill in Veldhoven earlier this week. The puppies had no passports or vaccination books, were not chipped, and the police believe they came from abroad, the Veldhoven police said on Facebook.

The police tracked down the puppy mill thanks to a report received after a call for information on suspicious animal traders in Veldhoven. The pups were confiscated and taken to a secret location, where they will be quarantined, screened for rabies, and vaccinated. After the quarantine period, the Public Prosecution Service will decide how they’ll be homed, the police said. 

“Due to the vigilance of citizens, seven puppies have been removed from the criminal circuit,” the police said. “We would once again like to emphasize: do not buy puppies that do not meet the requirements.” Citizens who come across a puppy mill that feels suspicious must not buy a dog to “rescue” them, the police said. Report it to the police. “We will take measures in which animal welfare comes first. Think before buying a dog and make sure that illegal trade is not perpetuated.”

People who do decide to buy a puppy should request a photo of the dog’s passport in advance. Also ask for photos of the vaccination record and the “miscellaneous page,” which must show the puppy’s birth country, the police said. “When in doubt, walk away WITHOUT PUP, and report it”

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