Kinahan cartel’s Dutch partners revealed as ruthless killers who called victims ‘dogs’

Ridouan Taghi

THE deadly violence used by Kinahan Cartel partners have been detailed by prosecutors in a massive gangland murder trial in The Netherlands.

Daniel Kinahan’s one-time wedding guest Ridouan Taghi is the boss of a crime gang in which murder targets were spoken of as “dogs” that had to “sleep”.

Taghi had been arrested in Dubai and extradited back to The Netherlands where he is on trial for ordering a series of murders in one of the country’s biggest gangland prosecutions known as the Marengo Trial.

The Public Prosecutors office, on Thursday, released details of evidence from State witness Nabil Bakkali whose testimony has been backed up by intercepted encrypted messages.

They said the Taghi network “dealt in drugs on a large scale, was responsible for several murders and was described by crown witness Nabil B. as very professional and ruthless.”

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Bakkali’s role was to observe targets, test firearms, arrange safehouses and vehicles and pass information to Taghi.

In most cases, the motive for the murders was based on the saying: “Whoever talks, goes”.

The victims were believed to have provided or could provide information about Taghi’s crime gang to the police, lawyers, the media or rival gangs, according to prosecutors.

It appears the gang were so busy killing people, teams of hitmen were preparing for more than one killing at a time.

When a murder was carried out “triumphant messages and congratulations were sent around.”

Prosecutors said the gang tightly divided tasks between different people who operated at separate layers in a bid to protect the senior criminals.

According to Bakkali, “everything within the organisation was aimed at shielding, so that everyone knew as little as possible about each other.”

The gang used encrypted PGP phones and after the stories about cracked phones, SKY was used, which was more heavily encrypted and whose messages were automatically erased.

“After a murder, or action, was taken, new phones were provided and old phones were discarded and wiped, the investigation found.

The gang had a network of safehouses for use by the hit teams and all traces of guns, cars and phones used were destroyed.

One of the murders that forms part of the Marengo Trial is that of 31-year Hakim Changachi who was shot dead in January 12, 2017.

The gunmen’s target had actually been his friend Khalid Hmidat, according prosecutors.

This module of the trial is expected to end on Monday 13 June.

Ridouan Taghi in the dock along with 16 of his men who face accusations relating to six gangland murders.

The Marengo Trial, its name randomly assigned by computer, is ongoing with the defendants being brought to the heavily fortified ‘De Bunker’ court under tight security.

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