WhatsApp will annoy you so you don’t forget your backup’s password

A new encrypted password reminder feature is rolling out on WhatsApp

End-to-end encrypted messaging support makes WhatsApp an ideal platform for sharing sensitive information without worrying about third parties intercepting the content. The only loophole was that your WhatsApp backups to the cloud were not encrypted, posing a security risk.

Meta fixed this in September 2021, enabling encrypted WhatsApp backups to Google Drive, which could be password-protected. If you don’t change your phone frequently though, you might forget this encrypted password. To ensure this does not happen, WhatsApp will now occasionally remind you to enter the password.

WABetaInfo reports that many WhatsApp users are being prompted to enter their end-to-end encrypted backup’s 64-digit key or password after updating to the latest build of the app. You can’t use the app unless you enter the password or turn off encrypted backups.

This feature acts as a reminder to ensure you do not forget the encrypted backup password. Because if that happens, you will be locked out of your WhatsApp chat history for good, and Google or Meta won’t be able to help you here. Unlike your Google or Facebook account, there’s no “Forgot password” option that you can use to regain access to your encrypted WhatsApp chat history.

In case you have already forgotten your WhatsApp backup’s encrypted password and the reminder pops up for you, use the Turn Off Encrypted Backups option. You can re-enable the security feature with a new password or 64-digit key if required. But this will lead to you losing access to your previous encrypted WhatsApp chat history.

If you use a new password to encrypt your WhatsApp backup, save the details in one of the best password managers for Android so you don’t forget it again.

The Meta-owned platform occasionally shows a similar reminder in WhatsApp for entering your account’s six-digit code used for two-factor authentication. Extending the same feature to encrypted backups is a thoughtful decision, especially since people don’t change their phones daily and could forget the password in the long run.

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