Dark web Vendor Mysteryland Arrested

Dark web Vendor Mysteryland Arrested

Oss – The Dutch police this morning, at the request of Germany, arrested a 37-year-old man from Oss. He is suspected of extensive international drug trafficking, including the shipment of more than 17,000 drug packages.

During searches of his home and other locations in Gelderland, Brabant and Limburg, the police found cash, a firearm, 55 liters of pure amphetamine oil, a kilo of amphetamine and several vehicles that were seized.

An investigation into the main suspect and several co-suspects was already underway in Germany. After communication between the German police and the regional criminal investigation department in the east of the Netherlands, additional investigations were carried out into these Dutch suspects.

Both the German and Dutch police units have investigated the ‘Mysteryland’ vendor account, which was used by the suspect to trade drugs on the dark web. This trade included various soft and hard drugs with a total proceeds of approximately €950,000.

The Dutch suspects arranged bi-weekly deliveries of drug packages to a post office in Germany, which were then shipped worldwide. A 78-year-old man from Lienden, who is suspected of transporting the drugs from the Netherlands to Germany, was also arrested today.

In addition, searches were carried out in houses in Culemborg, Waalwijk, Dongen and Sittard, during which a 58-year-old man was arrested in Dongen. Germany has requested the extradition of the arrested suspects.

In this investigation, there was close cooperation with the German police, the International Legal Aid Center in the East Netherlands, as well as other regional units and the National Unit of the police. These combined efforts have produced a full picture of the situation, resulting in enough evidence to arrest the suspects.

The police emphasize that, despite the perception of anonymity, activities on the dark web are traceable. Using the dark web for criminal activities is a criminal offense and cannot be without consequences. The police remains committed to adapting techniques and following developments, both nationally and internationally, in order to be able to enforce effectively.

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