18 guns seized, man arrested after he walked toward police holding gun, village of Oregon police say

A man was arrested and 18 guns were seized after the man walked toward police holding a gun on Tuesday night, village of Oregon police said.

Vibhash Kumar, 35, was arrested on tentative charges of disorderly conduct while armed and resisting arrest.

Shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday, officers were sent to 134 E. Richards Road in Oregon for a report of a man wearing sunglasses who was standing on the sidewalk holding a firearm at his side, Oregon police said in a statement.

An Oregon officer and a Dane County Sheriff’s Office deputy entered the apartment complex at 134 E. Richards Road and found a firearm and ammunition on the floor in the public hallway of the apartment complex, with no one around, police said.

A man matching the description of the man with the gun on the sidewalk then stepped out of an apartment and started walking toward police while holding a handgun at his side. He complied when officers instructed the armed man to drop the gun, police said.

The man then became uncooperative and an electroshock device was used in taking him into custody, while 18 guns were seized in the incident, police said.


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