World Market – Another Exit Scam

One of the biggest darknet markets has exit scammed, according to senior moderators on the Dread darknet forum. On March 26th, forum moderator Shakybeats announced they had removed moderation privileges for the World Market administrator on Dread.

Warning signs had already been present for weeks in regards to World Market. The former darknet market admin from Nightmare Market had warned people that they were planning an exit-scam and to urge people to stay away.

The former Nightmare Market admin and employee from World Market, also informed other darknet market admins that it was World Market who has been ddossing the competition such as, Archetyp, ASAP, Bohemia and others.

The Administrators from World Market tried to assure the users that everything should have been resolved soon, and that the World Market team was working hard to get everything up and running again.

After the closures of White House Market and Dark0de, World Market was for a short while one of the biggest darknet market in operation, hosting well over 30,000 listings at its peak.

The final post from World Market admin makarov

The market used the traditional account deposit system, making an exit scam especially lucrative for a market its size due to the need for buyers to deposit their crypto onto their wallet on the marketplace.

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