Texas cop faces second child sexual assault charge after allegedly preying on trafficking victim, teen runaway

Dallas police Officer Tyrone Williams Jr. faced the first child sexual assault charge nearly a year ago

Dallas police Officer Tyrone Williams Jr. is facing a second child sexual assault charge.

A Dallas police officer is charged a second time with the sexual assault of a child – this time related to a teenage sex trafficking victim whose mother arranged for her to stay at the officer’s home. 

The Dallas Police Department revealed earlier this month that 49-year-old Officer Tyrone Williams was booked into Dallas County Jail on a second charge of sexual assault of a child.

He had turned himself in on the first charge of sexual assault of a child in June 2021. The investigations revealed additional victims, and a second arrest warrant was issued nearly a year later. 

The new charge stems from the abuse of a 14-year-old girl, who Williams and another officer in 2010 rescued from a Dalla hotel, where a suspect was also arrested on human trafficking charges. 

The trafficker was later convicted and sentenced to 12 years behind bars. 

FOX 4 reported that court records show that the girl, after being released from a juvenile facility, was told by her mother that she arranged for her to live at the officer’s home. 

An affidavit alleges that the officer assaulted the girl on the first night she stayed at his home, as well as several times after, including sometimes during his lunch break. Court documents say he used his position as a law enforcement officer to convince the victim to stay quiet, including stating that he “knows how to make people come up missing,” and “If I have to, I know how to shut you up.”

The girl is represented by attorney Hunt Bonneau. WFAA reported that her two sisters allege they were also abused by the officer after their mother eventually arranged for all three of them to stay at his home. The Dallas Morning News reported that Williams is on administrative leave as an internal investigation continues.

WFAA reported that Williams’ first sexual assault charge last year stemmed from allegations brought by girl who said she was arrested as a runaway. Williams allegedly befriended the girl’s mother and convinced her to allow the then underage juvenile to stay at his home. 

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