Suspect surrendered from Spain in investigation into crystal meth labs

Suspect surrendered from Spain in investigation into crystal meth labs

A 40-year-old man from Boskoop was handed over to the Netherlands by Spain on Thursday in synthetic drug research ’26Inn’. Justice suspects him of involvement in two new crystal meth labs, participation in a criminal organization and of laundering more than 200,000 euros. He was brought before the examining magistrate in Den Bosch on Friday, who ordered his detention for fourteen days.

The Public Prosecution Service suspects that the suspect was the link between, on the one hand, a Dutch organization that arranged raw materials for the production of crystal meth and also sold them. And, on the other hand, an organization with Mexican suspects that arranged for lab technicians and produced the crystal meth.

Research 26Inn revolves around crystal meth production labs. This includes the previously dismantled drug labs in Achter-Drempt and Moerdijk. The man from Boskoop is the seventh suspect to be prosecuted in the investigation. He was previously arraigned in the same case, but was released after a few months because of the lack of risk of recidivism. The judiciary cannot appeal against this. The suspect then went to Spain.

In 26Inn he is now being prosecuted for new criminal offenses by the Public Prosecution Service.

The pre-trial hearing in this case will be held at the court in Den Bosch on 30 June.

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