Quest Market Review

Sometimes things change very fast on the Darknet.
Sometimes it’s for the good and sometimes it’s for the bad.
Over the last year we can absolutely not say that is has changed for the good.
About 90 percent of the market now all employ the same two wide available scripts.
These scripts contains the Eckmar script that is known for a lot of problems in reliability or
the over date old Alphabay script that has also it’s problems of its own.
With this all said what is Quest Market then about?
Quest Market is a brand new Darknet market.
It has been build from scratch up to a genuine piece of art that is perfect in most aspects.

Quest is a market where customer experience and functionality comes first. The market stand out of the other markets with their sleek design. XMR and BTC are both supported on Quest.

Quest Market Onions

Open one of these Quest onions in your Tor Browser:


This is the first point that Quest market really sets itself apart from the horde.
They opted for a very nice and easy going color palette that looks very pleasing on the eyes.
Aside from the color pallet used, the overall layout is very intuitive to navigate.
The way all products are displayed is very clear and most information that a buyer wants is well displayed on the product cards.
Another eye catcher is the amount of movement on Quest market.
There where normally the non use of Java script makes it difficult to make and design a website to be
visually dynamic attractive
the front end coding of the developers have nailed it all in the right spots.
What is really to be liked if not loved is the way the checkout system looks and works for customers. Once a customer has checked out they are presented with a order card that has all the information they
could wish for.
From detailed order details to specific vendor and or buyer details.

Quest product page.


Quest market hosts all the needed features that can be expected from a modern market in these times.
From enforced PGP and 2FA to being ‘wallet-less’.
It also combines the above with a well encrypted personal message inbox for it’s users.
Aside from the above features a very eye catching feature was the system to add products to your wish-
list without even having
to go to the actual product page.
The product cards have the add to wish-list system build in, that saves users a lot of time when it comes
to building up a collection of wanted products.
There are a plethora of features more but this review would then become very long.

Quest order page.


Quest takes security very serious. They recommend the use of Monero a lot.
They do however still offer Bitcoin as a way of payment for vendors to choose from, however they do
not actively recommend it.
The market accepts accepts both Monero and Bitcoin.
Quest market is what they call ‘wallet-less’ so users don’t need to fund their wallet on Quest, instead
they pay per order to a order specific generated address.
Another important point is that Quest really is selective when it comes to their Vendor roster.
They do not accept any vendor; they state that by being selective they will in the future be able to offer
a shopping experience that is near free of scammers.

Quest vendor page.


Quest market is very young, actually at the moment of writing this review its barely 2 weeks old.
But they already have managed to get over 1100 listings in the first 2 weeks online.
This shows the potential of Quest market and how serious their for now small vendor roster takes them.
Does Quest market have the potential to grow to be the number one market?
For sure if we see the time and effort that has been put in the design and user friendliness.
We are very curious to see how it will grow in the coming months.