Public Prosecution Service admits that the Dutch worked on Sky ECC hack

Public Prosecution Service admits that the Dutch worked on Sky ECC hack

The Public Prosecution Service recognized on Wednesday at a hearing through a public prosecutor that Dutch specialists made a technical contribution to hacking the server of the Sky ECC message service. Until now, the Public Prosecution Service stated that the hack was carried out by France. The officer made this statement at a preparatory session in Den Bosch about a large criminal organization, which, according to the detectives, operated drug labs.

This acknowledgment means that the Public Prosecution Service has apparently “systematically lied” about the method of the Sky ECC police hack, lawyers said in response. No, said the public prosecutor, the Public Prosecution Service has never contradicted that claim about a Dutch contribution.

As in many other large cases, the evidence in the Bossche case rests on chats that suspects allegedly had with Sky ECC. As before with EncroChat, the police were able to read along live with all users of Sky for several months. Justice has said from the outset about EncoChat and about SKY ECC that the French had the method in house to carry out the hack. How exactly the procedure had been during the hack into the servers of OVH in Roubaix, and how the data had been processed, nothing could be disclosed. For the method was French and even a French state secret.

Earlier this month was revealed that a piece prepared by a court in Paris states that in the case of Sky: ‘Dutch detectives and technicians have developed a technique as part of a joint investigation team

That document has now been submitted in the case in Den Bosch and in other ongoing criminal cases. And it makes the issue crystal clear, and very spicy: either the French document is incorrect, or the information that the Public Prosecution Service has sent to just about all Dutch courts is incorrect. What do you call the action of the Public Prosecution Service in the latter case? The lawyers in the drug case in Den Bosch talked about ‘lying’.

The Public Prosecution Service maintains that no incorrect information was provided. Because permission has been obtained from a French judge and the investigation took place ‘under French direction in a French investigation’.

Lawyer Arne Kloosterman said that the Public Prosecution Service has “systematically lied to society”.

The lawyers now want the court in Den Bosch to request more information about the state of affairs in the Sky ECC hack, and that this can no longer be stopped by a French “state secret”. They argue that if the suspects can’t test whether the Sky ECC hack was lawful, they can’t get a fair trial.

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