Police: Amsterdammers traded drugs via Telegram

Police: Amsterdammers traded drugs via Telegram

On Tuesday, the police arrested three men (19 and 20) from Amsterdam who were dealing drugs on a large scale via Telegram. They managed the Telegram account CEOamsterdam. The National Criminal Investigation Service investigated the account and its affiliated accounts.

For the sale of the drugs via Telegram, the suspects placed advertisements in the Telegram channel CEOamsterdam020, often with images and videos. For example, LSD, ecstasy pills (and MDMA powder), 2CB, crystal meth, GHB, DMT, ketamine, hash, captagon, and speed could be bought.

In the advertisements, CEOamsterdam stated that the drugs could be sent anywhere. According to the police, the service appeared to have a lot of experience with hiding the funds in packages, which would remain out of sight of customs.

In the investigation, the research team posted the following message in multiple Telegram groups:

Hello dealers, users and co-readers,

On June 7, 2022, the self-proclaimed 'year-long expert' behind the CEOamsterdam020 channel and other 'CEO' related accounts was arrested by the Dutch Police. Telegram seems anonymous, but concealing his drug trade and identity was not that easy.

We have had this suspect and his customer base in view for some time, both online and offline. For him, selling drugs through Telegram is over. This 'CEO' didn't have his affairs in order as he made out. Nothing is what it seems, not even on Telegram.

Whether you are a buyer, seller or co-reader, everyone leaves their online traces on Telegram. With these chat conversations, payment and customer data, our investigation continues. Think about when you last had contact with 'CEO'.

Netherlands Police

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