Newport man jailed for selling stun gun on dark web

A MAN was jailed after being caught selling a stun gun on the dark web and offering class A drugs.

Jordan Harmon, 28, from Newport attracted the attention of the National Crime Agency who bought the weapon by pretending to be a customer who’d seen it advertised on the internet.

Roger Griffiths, prosecuting, said the defendant had a “torch style stun gun” and it was sent to the NCA from Lliswerry Post Office in November 2019.

They traced Harmon to his house in Newport which was raided by police who found the defendant kept five other stun guns there.

They also seized oxycodone tablets.

Oxycodone is a class A drug and a medicine used to treat severe pain.

Harmon, of Tandem Mill Road, pleaded guilty to selling a prohibited weapon and five counts of possessing a prohibited weapon.

The defendant also admitted offering to supply a class A drug.

He has a previous conviction for fraud after he conned the NHS by using the dark web to buy stolen prescriptions to illegally get class A drugs from pharmacies across Gwent.

Called to give evidence, Harmon told Newport Crown Court how he suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

“I have obsessive thoughts about things,” the defendant said.

The defendant claimed he had no idea the stun guns were illegal.

Hannah Freidman, representing Harmon, said: “He was collecting the stun guns – he had no intention of using them or taking them out of the house.

“They were kept in a display box in his bedroom.

“This offending was as a result of the defendant’s immaturity – he is not a violent offender.”
Judge Hywel James told Harmon: “This gun was sold and could have been put to use in the criminal world.

“I do not accept that you were not aware as to the legality or not of these guns.”

Harmon was jailed for four years.

The court ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the stun guns and drugs.

Detective Inspector Lisa Watkins, from Tarian, said: “Harmon used 21st century technology to facilitate his criminality.

“The items he was profiting from could have caused serious harm if used.

“Ironically, Harmon’s use of the dark web in an attempt to stay hidden was what brought him to our attention.

“If anyone has concerns about someone’s behaviour on, or interest in, the dark web, Crimestoppers provides a free, anonymous and confidential space online in which to report any information.”

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