“Investigation of abuse in women’s prison Nieuwersluis in NL is expanding”

The ongoing investigation into sexual abuse of detainees in the women’s prison in Nieuwersluis is expanding, writes Algemeen Dagblad. A new investigation is now underway into the behavior of employees of the penitentiary. In May of this year, it was announced that a warden is suspected of sexually abusing three women.

An Amsterdammer was arrested. Now new information has come in about unethical behavior in prison by employees. The investigation is being conducted for the Justice and Security Inspectorate.

The suspect Amsterdammer has been released after a few weeks in pre-trial detention, pending the verdict in a criminal case against him.

According to Algemeen Dagblad, the Inspectorate now speaks of ‘broadening’ the ongoing investigation into the sexual abuse of female detainees. The Justice and Security Inspectorate is investigating what was known internally at the prison in Nieuwersluis about the sexual abuse of female detainees in order to find out what the institution has done with those signals.

Moreover, since the arrest of the Amsterdammer, six (former) detainees have shared their experiences about (sexual) misconduct with Algemeen Dagblad. One employee was fired. That dismissal followed an investigation of camera images showing sexually transgressive behaviour.

The Inspectorate’s investigation may be completed next year. Until then, the Custodial Institutions Service will not comment.

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