Google One introduces VPN services for paid subscribers

Google One introduces VPN services for paid subscribers, and dark web reports | Photo Credit: Google

Google announced on Wednesday that all Google One users on paid plans would be able to make use of its virtual private network (VPN) service.

Users in 22 countries who have Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices will be able to access the VPN services if they are paying for the Basic Google One plan that starts at $1.99 per month, or more advanced plans. Up to five other users can share the VPN if they are part of the same plan.

India is not included on the list of 22 countries that are eligible for the service. Google One users will need to be on a Premium 2TB plan or higher to get VPN features across multiple devices.

“VPN by Google One leverages advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure that no one, not even Google, can associate your network traffic with your account or identity. In addition, your network traffic and IP address will never be logged, and Google will never use the VPN connection to track, log, or sell your online activity,” said the company.

However, user data such as parts of service error logs, the number of attempted VPN sessions, and how frequently the service was used in the past 28 days will be collected.

Google is also introducing a “dark web” report for its U.S.-based users across all Google One plans to keep them notified in case their personal information is found leaked on the dark web, said the blog post.

“For example, if your Social Security number was found on the dark web, we might suggest you report it as stolen to the government or take steps to protect your credit,” said Google.

The dark web report feature will reach users in the coming weeks.

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