Dubai Police arrest 91 drug dealers found peddling 1.3 tonnes of narcotics

Dubai Police arrest 91 drug dealers found peddling 1.3 tonnes of narcotics

Drugs were hidden across the country and their locations shared on social media for buyers.

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Part of the massive drug haul, along with some of the arrested drug dealers.

Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested 91 drug dealers who were found peddling 1.3 tonnes of drugs through various social media platforms.

According to the police, the drugs were buried in different locations across the UAE, the market value of which is more than Dh176 million.

According to Lt General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police, the drug dealers were promoting drugs in connivance with another gang located outside the country.

The operation called ‘Locations’ resulted in the arrest of 91 suspects and the seizure of 809,534kg of hashish, 485,491kg of crystal meth, 41,888kg of heroin, 117,480 narcotic pills, 5,241kg of marijuana, 154gm of cocaine and 15gm of opium.

‘Harmful agenda’

“This successful operation shows the force’s focus on combating organised crime and protecting society from drugs. They [the drug peddlers] were using social media platforms to push their harmful agenda,” Lt Gen Al Marri said.

Dubai Police received information about the gang that was promoting drugs by burying them at different locations in the country and then sharing their locations for prospective buyers on social media.

“Dubai Police have advanced methods and technologies to combat organised crime and drug abuse. Teams were formed to investigate the illegal activities and locate their accomplices,” Major General Al Mansouri said. “The dealers used to share the location of the hidden drugs with the buyers once payment was made,” he added.

The gang members were kept under police surveillance round the clock while they were burying the drugs. The force then raided the locations and arrested all the drug dealers before seizing the drugs.