Dark web marketplace Genesis taken offline in global sting

Law enforcement agencies worked together to take down the market, but a successor is likely to spring up soon.

NCA arrests 24 UK cyber-criminals in relation to the take-down of dark web market Genesis.

Dark web marketplace Genesis, which specialised in selling stolen credentials, has been taken offline in an international sting. The bust, which involved officers from the UK’s National Crime Agency, resulted in 120 people being arrested

The operation was led by the FBI and the Dutch National Police Corps, as well as law enforcement teams from the UK and 16 other countries.

The Genesis market was the primary source for stolen credentials for criminals seeking to defraud their victims. At its height, the platform hosted approximately 80 million credentials and digital fingerprints, the NCA said. 

Officers in the UK arrested 24 people, including two men who were detained in Grimsby, Lincolnshire under suspicion of violating the Computer Misuse Act. Hundreds of UK-based users of the platform were identified as part of the investigation.

Around the world, more than 200 searches were carried out. In the UK, activity is likely to continue in the form of arrests and preventative action, the NCA said, with site users set to be contacted about their illicit activities.

Rob Jones, director general at the NCA, said: “Behind every cyber-criminal or fraudster is the technical infrastructure that provides them with the tools to execute their attacks and the means to benefit financially from their offending.

“Genesis Market was a prime example of such a service and was one of the most significant platforms on the criminal market. Its removal will be a huge blow to criminals across the globe.”

Jones added: “Targeting this infrastructure is at the core of the NCA’s efforts to disrupt the highest-harm offenders and protect the public from those seeking to infiltrate their lives, stealing their identities and their money.”

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