‘Criminal organization exploited gambling houses in Eindhoven’

‘Criminal organization exploited gambling houses in Eindhoven’

The police say they arrested three men and a woman in Eindhoven during the night from Sunday to Monday on suspicion of operating a number of gambling houses. The suspect men are 31, 38 and 45 years old, the woman is 22 years old. All four are from Eindhoven. There have been raids on two apartments and a commercial building in Eindhoven. Seventeen visitors have been arrested.

Arrest teams entered two luxury apartments in the center of Eindhoven. The months-long investigation had shown that illegal gambling for big money was taking place almost every day. When the police came in, there was a lot of play going on.

The apartments were furnished with poker and dice tables. During the nightly investigation in the apartments, the police gained a view of a third building, a commercial building in the Woensel district. According to the police, it turned out that ‘an illegal gambling palace’ had been set up there. One of the main suspects was arrested there.

The four are suspected of membership of a criminal organization, facilitating and exploiting illegal games of chance and casinos and laundering the proceeds thereof.

All items related to the illegal gambling activities have been seized. The police also took about 100,000 euros in cash. A large amount of expensive designer clothing was taken from the resident of one of the apartments. The police suspect that the items were obtained through illegal assets, such as the proceeds from illegal casinos, because the suspect has no income on paper.

The police also seized a number of Rolex watches and an expensive Mercedes passenger car. In connection with the suspicion of money laundering, a bank balance and a crypto currency account were also seized.

The personal details of the detained visitors have been noted. They were released after questioning. The four main suspects will remain in custody, at least until Wednesday when the examining magistrate will decide on their pre-trial detention.

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