Colombian kingpin extradited to United States

Colombian kingpin extradited to United States

Dairo Antonio Usuga (alias “Otoniel”, 50) has arrived in the United States after being extradited from Colombia. Colombian President Iván Duque announced this. As the leader of the Clan del Golfo, Otoniel is suspected in the United States of having carried out large-scale shipments of cocaine to that country, as well as homicides.

Earlier this month, Otoniel lost his anti-extradition proceedings in Colombia. Usuga was detained in Bogota and was transferred to the US via a military airport.

In the US, he almost certainly faces a life sentence unless he enters into another deal that would include, for example, providing information about Mexican drug cartels and high-level corruption.

The Clan del Golfo is still the most powerful criminal organization in Colombia, with nearly 2,000 well-armed members. But the influence of Mexican criminals at the top of Colombian criminal business circles is rising sharply.

Usuga is also suspected in the US of murders of soldiers, politicians and officials and of links with far-right paramilitary organizations. In the US they are on the list of terrorist organizations. The Clan del Golfo mainly consists of people who were previously employed by those organizations.

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