800.000 Euro’s found in money laundering investigation

€800.000 found in money laundering investigation

The police and FIOD arrested a 58-year-old man and a 61-year-old woman in Schiedam on Thursday on suspicion of money laundering. Two homes in Schiedam were searched in which a sum of more than 800,000 euros was seized. The FIOD reports that several arrests are not ruled out.

The investigation by the Regional Financial Team into the suspects was prompted by a tip. The police and FIOD detectives subsequently suspected money laundering. After their arrest, the Schiedam residents were taken for questioning.

In addition to 800,000 euros, administration was also seized in the two homes. Money dogs from Customs were used during the searches. The integral recovery team ConfisQ, a partnership between the police, the tax authorities, FIOD, bailiffs from the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Public Prosecution Service, also provided assistance.

The investigation is led by the Public Prosecution Service Rotterdam.

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